ADMINISTRATIVIA: MS Exchange Sucks rocks

C Matthew Curtin (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 17:34:25 -0400 (EDT)

Just for the record...


I would like to note, that after receiving boatloads of bounces every
day because someone's "message exchange is congested", and dealing
with other stupid sorts of bounces, I have concluded that Microsoft's
email servers have got to be some of the most broken pieces of
software on the planet.

I do not run exchange, or use any Microsoft software for email (or any
other purpose, for that matter). However, a number of subscribers to
the list do, and it's really starting to torque my bananas.

Bouncing messages because the "exchange is congested" is a perfect
example of exactly the WRONG thing to do.

If anyone, or anyone's management is ever considering Microsoft for
its email solution, I urge you, on behalf of every postmaster on the
Internet, to save yourself, and all of us, a lot of time, effort, and
money. Get a real MTA. (If the high quality (and free!) Unixy
solutions for email are frightening, I'm highly inclined to point
folks toward Netscape's offerings.)


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