Mac clients... First look... SLOW

Stephen Shimatzki (Shimatzki"
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 19:22:23 -0400

Well, I tried...

First, I KNOW that the Pentium clients are hand optimized (and what a
good job that is!) But, BOY ARE THESE MACS SLOW!!!!

A PM 7200/90 (mhz!!) system does the startup 2^22 comp. pairs at
59 seconds!!! (compared to my P-100 doing it in 19!)

ok, It's been a while since I started it, and at 2^26 (still climbing?)
it's running at 720 seconds... :(

The other issue that should be mentioned is the ability to give
it a setting to automatically RUN! (ie, drop it in the startup
and just let it rip (crawl) when you turn the bloody machine

(We want to put it in a lab enviorment that would have machines
turned off/on when students use them, or left on untill someone
shuts it down because they can't read the sign about how to get
their disks out! because most just turn the monitor off and think that,
that does the job!!)

If I'm missing something, please point out my err, but I think
that this just proves to me that MACs are SLOW and Apples OS is
slow... BTW, I'm NOT runningin ANYTHING on the system I tried
it out on... so if those are IDLE CPU cycles, I'd hate to see
how it crawls when I run any apps on it! (especially Graphics
intensive apps that most Mac people like to run... )

Now I'm hating macs more than WinNT...


Stephen Shimatzki
Computer Center Assistant Manager
PennState Fayette Campus