Re: Mac clients... First look... SLOW

Kelly Campbell (
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 19:56:49 -0500 (CDT)

> Well, I tried...
> First, I KNOW that the Pentium clients are hand optimized (and what a
> good job that is!) But, BOY ARE THESE MACS SLOW!!!!
> A PM 7200/90 (mhz!!) system does the startup 2^22 comp. pairs at
> 59 seconds!!! (compared to my P-100 doing it in 19!)

Part of the problem is the MacOS itself. My 180 MHz 604e does 750K
keys/sec with Linux, and 500K keys/sec with the MacOS version. The client
could be written to run as fast as the linux version, but your mac would
essentially be locked up while it was running.

> The other issue that should be mentioned is the ability to give
> it a setting to automatically RUN! (ie, drop it in the startup
> and just let it rip (crawl) when you turn the bloody machine
> on.

AppleScript it. The only problem would be getting the command line args. I
can probably setup some kind of apple event to bypass that if you want

> If I'm missing something, please point out my err, but I think
> that this just proves to me that MACs are SLOW and Apples OS is
> slow... BTW, I'm NOT runningin ANYTHING on the system I tried
> it out on... so if those are IDLE CPU cycles, I'd hate to see
> how it crawls when I run any apps on it! (especially Graphics
> intensive apps that most Mac people like to run... )

The CPU's are fast... the OS is slow. The powerpc version calls
GetNextEvent every 131K keys, the 68k version every 64K keys, this lets
the Mac at least try to respond to user events.


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