Re: Fast 64-bit keysearch engine

Matthew Schnee (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 00:25:05 -0400 (EDT)

PowerPC processors are also 64 bits.

This code will also help out Newer RS/6000's and
Power Macs

> Hi folks,
> Over the weekend I implemented a variant of Biham's
> bit-parallel DES method that gives substantially better
> keysearch performance on 64-bit machines than any available
> DES-cracker I'm aware of. Here are some preliminary timings:
> Digital AlphaStation 255/300
> My bitslice code: 1182k keys/sec
> DESCHALL alpha-decunix client: 574k keys/sec
> DV Group's alpha-dux client: 483k keys/sec
> SolNet alpha-osf client: 427k keys/sec
> Matthew Kwan's bitslice code: 361k keys/sec
> Digital AlphaStation 600 5/333
> My bitslice code: 2140k keys/sec
> DESCHALL alpha-decunix client: 907k keys/sec
> DV Group's alpha client: 775k keys/sec
> SolNet alpha-osf client: 677k keys/sec
> Matthew Kwan's bitslice code: 1720k keys/sec
> SGI Onyx (194MHz R10000), IRIX 6.2
> My bitslice code: 1430k keys/sec
> DESCHALL irix6.2-mips client: 823k keys/sec
> DV Group's irix62-cord client: 555k keys/sec
> SolNet alpha-osf client: 589k keys/sec
> Matthew Kwan's bitslice code: 753k keys/sec
> As you can see, it runs roughly twice as fast as the
> DESCHALL client on these machines. I'd really like to put
> this code to work for DESCHALL! At CMU alone, we could
> boost the search by at least a trillion keys per day by
> switching Alphas and SGIs to the faster engine.
> I'm willing to work on integrating this engine with the
> DESCHALL client code; please let me know whether you're
> interested.
> I'm told that the Sparc Ultras can run 64-bit code too,
> under Solaris 2.6, but I don't have access to such a
> machine. If anyone else does, please let me know and
> we can try it out.
> - Darrell

RPI has quite a few PowerPC RS/6000's that would benefit from this code

Matthew Schnee