Re: MS Exchange and bananas

Zuschlag, Fred N. (
Tue, 29 Apr 97 07:49:00 PDT

"Matt," ranted:

"...I have concluded that Microsoft's email servers have got to be
of the most broken pieces of software on the planet.

I do not run exchange, or use any Microsoft software for email
any other purpose, for that matter). However, a number of
subscribers to the list do, and it's really starting to torque
my bananas."

Well, for some of us who DO run MS software for e-mail, it's not by
choice. If what has you torqued is that MS products are (IYO) crap, so
be it.
OTOH, if what has you upset is that subscribers of the list are *using*
MS products, well, hey, get over it. I personally use MS Exchange,
because that's what the company provides me. Thanks to however they have
the firewall and proxies setup (screwed up?), Netscape mail won't even
get through! At home I use a different e-mail client, but still am
running W95.

Most home PC users have a Windows based system, and most of THESE have
MS e-mail software included. You ARE encouraging Joe Homeowner to
participate, aren't you?

If the Deschall group is Successful (and we all hope so!), you will find
an increase in home PC users once the word gets out. As word spreads
about our efforts, more MS Windows/Exchange/Microsoft Mail users will
jump on board.

Fred N. Zuschlag