Re: [DES-LIST] DESchall (fwd)

Nelson Minar (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 14:47:52 -0400

I really hope that the various DES efforts can cooperate. If not
algorithmically, at least in mutual support. OTOH, we are competing
for CPU time and fame; that's sure to engender a bit of rivalry. But
we're all in this, ultimately, to show that DES is not strong enough.
That's a goal worth working together on.

My biggest concern about deschall is that we're North America only.
I'd sort of expected that the clients would leak out to the rest of
the world and this would be more of an international effort. But I see
from the stats that there are no visible participation outside of the
US and Canada. That's really a shame.

Can the person who posted his estimate about the small slowdown if two
attacks are uncoordinated post that information again, wtih some more
detail? I remember the conclusion was that it didn't matter if
deschall and solnet cooperated in divvying up the keyspace or not.
I'm not sure I believe that.