FW: [DES-LIST] DESchall (fwd)

Zuschlag, Fred N. (694047@swfmail.swflant.lmsc.lockheed.com)
Tue, 29 Apr 97 15:15:00 PDT

> I really hope that the various DES efforts can cooperate.
> If not algorithmically, at least in mutual support. OTOH,
> we are competing for CPU time and fame; that's sure to engender
> a bit of rivalry. But we're all in this, ultimately, to show
> that DES is not strong enough. That's a goal worth working
> together on.

>From the "See government? 56bit security is hurting U.S.
businesses while the rest of the world is welcome to do what
they please" point of view, perhaps having the key broken by
a network primarily outside of North America would have a
greater impact. I wonder how the media slant would differ if
this were the case.

Fred Zuschlag