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Note--I do not wish to start a flame war. I just wanted to post
a response.

>> I don't want to sound pessimistic...but...
>> I had a look at DESchall's homepage
>> * They are going twice as fast as DES Challenge.
>> * Connectivity to DESchall's site is MUCH better than DES
>> * DES Challenge is not considerably growing in key rate. On
>the contrary, the
>> recent network and server problems have kept the rate
>really low the last 2

>They have major weeknesses... as people who have been following
>the DESchall page
>have noticed:

>1. DESchall only have _1_ keyserver - a 486... I say no more.

And as far as I know, it's working just fine, thank you.
Although you can say no more, if you wish...

>2. They're having massive difficulties with their logs exceding
>the space available.
> They've had to estimate many of their stats... which is a sure
>sign that
> they can't cope with the magnitude of the attack

We aren't bothering to keep many of our stats. All we want is
a solution.

>3. They only have just over 3000 machines on the case... we
>have 15000!

Hmm...we actually have around 5000 machines, since the ones
behind firewalls don't get reported. Did you notice that you
have three times as many machines as us, and are struggling to
keep up in key rate? If we had 15000 machines running our
clients, we'd probably be done. I think you need to spend more
time looking into optimized clients and less time looking at

>As to keys done... we've been catching up - especially since
>our massive effort
>over the weekend. We used to be at 50% of their keyspace -
>we're now closer to 75%

Pretty impressive, considering that you're running at 300% of
our total machine count and 600% of our keyserver count. Spent
your $10,000 yet?

>We will overtake them either this weekend or possibly next...
>but we will overtake them.

Undoubtedly--it'l be nice to have some competition... :)

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