Re: After DES

Andrew Sterian (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 16:34:15 -0400 (EDT)

Colin L. Hildinger writes...
> >> OK, I'm gonna be optimistic and say we'll break DES one day soon.
> >> After that, are there plans to attack the next RSA challenge?
> >
> >There are already people working on the 56-bit RC5 challenge right now.
> >I can't remember the site off-hand but I believe it was the Gen-X people?

Gen-X folded, but a new effort started. Check out:
Not that I want you to start on this until DES is cracked.

BTW, checking the stats, the #1 ranked 2nd level domain for the RC5
challenge :-) (clocking in at 11.5 MKeys/sec)
I guess this is why we're showing up so poorly in DESChall, all of
our free machines are being hogged by those RC5 people.

This is when "loosely knit" is a problem IMO. Rather than focusing all
of UMich's machines on DES, cracking it, then moving on to RC5, we are
spreading ourselves thin between several different efforts (I've even
seen Violation clients running, among others). The result is that all of
the cracking efforts suffer.

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