Re: DES Crack outside US

Colin L. Hildinger (
Tue, 29 Apr 97 15:52:30 -0500

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997 15:03:55 -0500, Mikael Brown wrote:

>At 03:15 PM 4/29/97 PDT, Fred wrote:
>>perhaps having the key broken by
>>a network primarily outside of North America would have a
>>greater impact.
>I think if the key was broken by world effort outside the US that a greater
>impact would be made...but not the impact we want. I wonder if encryption
>laws will only increase if a foreign body cracks the code...think of
>it...if someone in another nation cracks a national encryption standard do
>you think Congress will want to "free-up" exportation laws or "tighten"
>their grip on exportation?
>How does the rest of the group feel the political situation is?

DARN good point.

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