Export (Launch Vehicle))

Andrew James Alan Welty (andrew@chatlink.com)
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 15:04:25 -0400

I'm glad that you mentioned the book--I happened to have it at
work. I'm not adept at legaleaze, but it would look like we
would have to make our algorithm part of the public domain. I
also noticed that "a launch vehicle or payload shall not, by the
launching of such vehicle, be considered export". I don't know
what the definition of "Launch Vehicle" is, but that sounds like
the most interesting way to get around the ITAR regulations...

My definition of "Launch Vehicle" would be something along the
lines of an Atlas/Delta/Proton/etc, rocket. or the STS. This
would technically still be leaving the country but it wouldn't
be exported to another country.

Anybody care to see if we can find some aliens to help out?