Re: MS Exchange and bananas

C Matthew Curtin (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 19:15:36 -0400 (EDT)

[ I plan this to be my last public comment on the subject, but there
are some things here that are begging to be addressed. -cmcurtin]

>>>>> "Fred" == Zuschlag, Fred N <> writes:

Fred> Well, for some of us who DO run MS software for e-mail, it's not
Fred> by choice.

And, believe me, you have my condolences :-) But this is precisely my
point: some bonehead who never has to deal with the junk makes a
decision about the "Corporate Standard(tm)" and forces it upon
everyone else. I'm not complaining about the END USERS. I'm
complaining about Microsoft's broken software, and making a note for
the record that I, as a mailing list administrator [this one], current
gateway postmaster, and previously a gateway postmaster for one of the
largest companies on the 'net, have had little more than trouble
dealing with sites that use Microsoft's mail servers.

My points are straightforward:

o Microsoft's software is broken, and I'm sick of dealing with tons
of bounces every day.

o People who decide to pay for the stuff are almost certainly making
poor choices.

o People should know that it causes some people headaches.
Specifically, the many of the folks who hold the 'net together.

Some other folks have pointed out that they're using Exchange and
haven't experienced significant problems. This is fair, and it should
be noted there are folks using Exchange whose gateways I've not had
problems getting along with. BUT, certainly one cannot argue that
bouncing a message because "the gateway is too busy" isn't incredibly

That's all.

Now, back to keysearching...

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