Print -> export -> OCR = Legal

Michael Nelson (
Tue, 29 Apr 1997 21:52:50 -0600

Adam Haberlach wrote:

> Or Using OCR to scan everything back into machine-readable form.
> If someone gives me the address, I'll pay postage... :)

Actually, just about anything that is printed is considered free-speech
and can therefore be freely exported. This is why almost all the
neo-Nazi propaganda comes out of the U.S. (If they step foot in Europe
they are thrown in jail.) It is also why Phil Zimmerman made the entire
source code for PGP available as a book complete with instructions to
OCR and compile it. See:

So why not print the code on a good laser printer in a good font
(courier?), snail-mail it to Australia and then link to it from your
site. It is all completely legal. (According to a report on NPR I
heard about Phil Zimmerman's book, he notified the State Department and
they didn't do anything to stop him.)

Why not call Phil and ask him about it? For that matter, why not call
the State Department about it?