PowerPC assembly?

andrew meggs (insect@antennahead.com)
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 18:16:19 -0400

Hello, all. I just heard about deschall today, and I noticed on the web
page that the powerpc deschall client was simply compiled from straight C.

I'm something of a PowerPC assembly jock, with a special talent for working
the PPC's bit rotate/mask instructions that compilers generally don't make,
experience in writing to the MacOS multiprocessor API, and a bit of a
crypto background (i.e. I've got a slightly worn copy of Applied
Cryptography on the shelf).

Can I offer my services, or has someone like me already undertaken an
optimization project that hasn't been released yet?

Andrew Meggs, head 3D superfreak Antennahead Industries, Inc.
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