Re: Mac client not quiting

Jim Doolittle (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 17:45:11 -0500

>>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Hobbs <> writes:
>Michael> My 604 client works wonderfully, but it doesn't seem to want
>Michael> to quit when I choose quit from the file menu. I've had to
>Michael> do a force quit on it twice.
>Michael> Any thoughts?
>We don't want anyone quitting the clients :-)

:P It usually quits for me, I just hit commmand-q and wait a few seconds.
It quits.

On another topic, DESChall made an appearance on Macintouch
<> this morning. Macintouch is a daily collection
of Macintosh newsbits that thousands of people hit each day, and since the
Mac clients were finally released I thought I'd let them know about it.


Jim Doolittle
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