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Rodney R. Korte (
Wed, 30 Apr 97 19:00:49 -0400

On Wed, 30 Apr 97 16:32:07, Ronald Van Iwaarden wrote:

>On Wed, 30 Apr 1997 13:21:40 -0700, Andrew James Alan Welty wrote:
>> I just saw on the main stats page that a CD-ROM drive has
>>been purchased for the storage of logs. While it is no money out of
>>my pocket, I really have to question this purchase. Would not a 4mm
>>DAT drive be more reasonable? It has greater storage and is
>>relatively reliable for a much lower $/mb ratio. I know it is not as
>>"permanent" as a CD-ROM but, in 10 years, people are going to look
>>back upon things such as the DES Challenge with wistfull humor (just
>>think of things such as the 386sx at 20mhz!!! (1987ish))
>>That would be a CDR drive, CD-ROM's aren't recordable. Anyway you
>OOps. Of course
>>left out that a DAT drive would be faster and easier.
>Agreed as well. The only advantage the CDR has IMHO is it's permanence
>which is mostly unimportant within the lifespan of the computer industry.

There is certainly more than one advantage to CDR over DAT (or 8mm,
whatever) tape:

1) CDRs are cheaper
2) CD-ROM drives are cheaper
3) CD-ROM drives are everywhere; just about everybody has one
4) CD-ROMs offer random access which results in *much* faster
access to specific data
5) CD-ROMs are more permanent: both in linear time (as mentioned
above) but also, for all intents and purposes, completely
immune to degradation due to use, unlike tapes. Also more
hardier in harse environments.

Now maybe we can dispense with grand generalizations and hypotheses
as to why this media was chosen and what Rocke plans to do with it.


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