Re: CD ROM drive????

Jerry Adlersfluegel (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 19:16:36 -0500

At 7:22 PM -0500 4/30/97, Ronald Van Iwaarden wrote:
>On Wed, 30 Apr 97 19:00:49 -0400, Rodney R. Korte wrote:


>>Now maybe we can dispense with grand generalizations and hypotheses
>>as to why this media was chosen and what Rocke plans to do with it.
>I still am curious as to why this choice was made. I am not at all
>critical of the decision but am trying to understand the logic of it. I
>still don't see the logs being useful for more than just archival purposes
>(after the statistics have been computed)and, even then, I don't know how
>many people would really want them.

Perhaps Rocke wants to have a CDR of his own to use after the contest is
over? I know I was thrilled when I bought mine. I don't use it for doing
backups, but more as an archival device. It's like, you can make your own
cds, you know? Pretty fun.

Jerry Adlersfluegel