Re: Newbie Questions...

Matt Clauson (
Thu, 1 May 1997 08:28:48 -0600 (MDT)


On Thu, 1 May 1997, Starling wrote:

> 1) Would it be possible to make linux boot disks that boot a machine and
> load the necesary stuff into a RAM disk so that the machine would
> automatically run the client until a given time and then reboot?
> If so, I might be able to comandeer a computer lab full of P200s.

Yeah. The Linux client is fairly small, so building a bootdisk wouldn't
be too much of a problem at all.

> 2) Lets say your machine takes 30 minutes to run 2^28 key pairs, however
> this is a dialup machine. Lets say you only want to dial up once every
> 12 hours. Would it be possible to run 24 instances of the linux
> [excess deleted]

I'm not familiar enough with the program to give anywhere near a proper
answer to this, sorry.

> 3) Is it worth it to put any 386-class machines onto this? I have a few
> 386s sitting around idle where I work that could crank away at their
> little pace 24/7. Or would they somehow tie up the server or not
> contribute enough to bother setting up with linux?

Yeah, put Linux on them. Every CPU cycle you can spare helps the cause.

> 4) What's the best way to keep track of your logs on a unix machine?
> Since the client doesn't close the file until the client exits,
> I presume that you can't mail the output unless you exit the client
> occasionally, right?

I'm using nohup here to run the programs, then I just 'tail -f nohup.out'.

> 5) What text can I grep for on the very odd chance that a machine of mine
> finds the solution?

If the program on your end finds it, it will stop running. just look at
the end of the log. ;)


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