Charles E. Novitski (
Thu, 1 May 1997 11:05:26 -0400

What is the best method of dealing with the internet provider timing out
after 10-15 minutes of no communication?

I am using DESChallMac.601 (or .604), and connect to the internet by modem.

It appears to log onto, to get an assignment of
keys to check. The first task is 2^22 complementary pairs, and after
completion it appears to report back that no key was found. With each
successive task the number of pairs increases. If other internet activity
is quiet, then when the task takes longer than the time-out period, then
the process is disrupted.

The way the program is written, the only control seems to be the preference

Is there a way of user controlling the number of pairs per task? (This
would prevent being timed out. Flat rate connection, but internet provider
might not be happy with long periods of connection.) Or being allowed to
go offline to calculate and then online later to report? Or should modem
connections be avoided.