Hiding Deschal5.exe

Richard Prairie (rick@email.uc.edu)
Thu, 1 May 1997 12:00:08 -0400


I've just subscribed to this list, checked the FAQ, and wonder if this
issue has been solved by any list members.

We have put a batch job on our lab server which runs Deschal5 using Windows
NT 4.0 on our pentium machines, redirecting the output to a log in temp.
When the program starts up we get the selftest message, minimize the
window, and away we go. However, when a student goes to use the computer,
he/she frequently stops Deschal5, since it's listed at the bottom of the
screen. The lab attendent then (sometimes) restarts it when the machine is
no longer in use.

Has anyone come up with a script which will start Deschal5 when the machine
is turned on, and hides it from the typical user? I would expect that the
Task Manager would show it's presence, but that the desktop window would
not. We could get a lot more idle cycles devoted to searching for keys if
Deschal5 were not obvious.

Rick Prairie
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