Re: Hiding Deschal5.exe

Bret Stastny (
Thu, 01 May 1997 09:45:35 -0700

> We have put a batch job on our lab server which runs Deschal5 using Windows
> NT 4.0 on our pentium machines, redirecting the output to a log in temp.
> When the program starts up we get the selftest message, minimize the
> window, and away we go. However, when a student goes to use the computer,
> he/she frequently stops Deschal5, since it's listed at the bottom of the
> screen. The lab attendent then (sometimes) restarts it when the machine is
> no longer in use.

There is a great program I am working with that basically runs a
autoexec.bat where
you put the DESCHAL client in the .bat file. You can see the program on
the taskmanager
but you do not see it anywhere on the desk top. Other advantages are
that no one has to
be logged on and it always restarts on reboot.

The files you want to find are:


I can not get them to you :(, maybe the person that originaly posted
this could
repost the information to the group.