Ultrasparc specific client

Johnathan P. Gaetz (jgaetz@ae.pcd.usr.com)
Thu, 01 May 1997 12:02:12 -0500

Just thought I'd post a note about the new (for me, anyways) Ultrasparc client
I just found on Dolske's DESCHALL Client Archive. Prior to running this client
I was running the "Supersparc" client and it was clicking off between 610k and
640k keys/second. The ultra-specific client is giving me between 670k and 700k
keys/second. That's not a huge jump, but 24/7 its certainly going to add up.

Now if I can only get optimized clients for my other non-traditional
machines. I'd
like to be able to overtake ibm.com 8P

Johnathan Gaetz
Beta Engineer