udprelay and Perl-5.003

Rich Wacaser (rwacaser@midwest.idsonline.com)
Thu, 1 May 1997 19:19:19 -0500

Alright, I've gotten the script and found that the UNIX host I was going
to use has only Perl-4.

I did a little browsing and found Perl-5.001 for Windoze NT 3.5.1 (my next
possible platform). Does anyone know of a Perl-5.003 release for NT, or
maybe the ability to make udprelay work with version 5.001 on NT. At a
minimum I can add 3-4 P-133 to the effort, but the big picture has the
possibility for 2 or 3 hundred P-133 NT workstations -- working through the
udprelay / gateway.

Note: I do not speak Perl, *yet*