Optimize your Systems!!!!

Mikael Brown (satan@iastate.edu)
Thu, 01 May 1997 19:59:29 -0500

Although I have no idea on the status of these projects, I know that many
DESCHALL team members are working on optimizing MacOS and 64-bit processor
clients. It is important that we optimize these programs since DESCALL's
power is in our high performance clients.

But the work on optimization should not stop there! Each DESCALL
contributer needs to make sure that their system is optimized. An
optimized system will allow each client to squeeze in a few more keys a day
- and we need every increase we can get.

Here are links for system optimization of PCs


remember....overclock at your own risk....

IDEA: That we create a list of WWW sites that deal w/ optimization of PCs,
Windows, MacOS, Unix, etc for the DESCALL site....it could be titled "How
to optimize your system for best DESCHALL performance."

I figure the effort is worth it: not only would we be helping to improve
everyone's machines, but our keyrates might increase a smidgen...
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