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Colin L. Hildinger (
Thu, 01 May 97 20:41:17 -0500

On Thu, 01 May 97 21:26:56, Ronald Van Iwaarden wrote:

>On Thu, 01 May 97 20:13:00 -0500, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:
>>On Thu, 01 May 97 20:46:12, Ronald Van Iwaarden wrote:
>>>On Fri, 02 May 1997 08:10:06 +1000, Andrew Glazebrook wrote:
>>>>On Thu, 01 May 1997 03:50:04 -0400, Darrell Kindred wrote:
>>>>>If you're outside the U.S. and Canada, join the SolNet effort.
>>>>>We're all working toward the same goal.
>>>> Perhaps if they had an OS/2 client I might, but they don't,
>>>> and I'm happy
>>>Just wait a couple of days.
>>And what?
>I was under the impression (s)he was outside the US and Canada. If
>he is, then Solnet is his/her best option
>> Solnet will have an OS/2 client?
>Yes. Within a couple of days.

I bet ours will still be faster.

>> I'd rather see him stay with us.
>If someone is outside the US/Canada, this is not presently an option.
>So, Solnet is where people outside should go. Personally, I think
>both options are wonderful. I wish the Solnet people had the power
>of the US Clients. The Solnet PC clients are about 3/5 of speed of
>the DESChal clients and this makes up for their 17,000+ clients and
>high TCP overhead.

I'd rather see our group get it, though. There are currently several
people running the deschall clients outside of North America (Germany,
Australia, etc.). However they got the client, they did. I don't
really care. I know the Aussie has been running it since early April.
I've figured my chances of being the one to get the key to be
~3000-4000 to one at the current rate. Most of them are slower than
me, so the odds of one of them getting the key are slim, but they are
helping our effort, so I don't care. I'm competitive, I like to win.
I'd rather see the DESChall team win, because that's "my team."
Anyway, I seriously doubt they'll rewrite the keyserver to reject
non-US domains (I certainly wouldn't bother), so no one is going to
stop them from helping...

Colin L. Hildinger

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