Re: New Clients Available

Andrew James Alan Welty (
Thu, 01 May 1997 22:06:53 -0400

> Also what ever happened to the larger keyblock discussion? I'd really
> like it to go up to about 2^34-35 (12-24 hours). Is the change
> required only in the keyserver code (I guess longer expiration times),
> or would the client code require changes as well? Would it cause
> problems for the keyserver (having to remember more blocks for longer)?

Wouldn't cause any problem with the keyserver, it would actually lower the
load on the keyserver, not being hit as often. The keyserver would need
to be changed so that keys don't expire in 2 hours (minimum). One problem
with gettting one that would simply require a longer processing time would
be if something did happen to the client, all processing on that keyblock
would be lost. With multiple smaller keyblocks each time a key is finished
the client could write it out to disk so it wouldn't be lost.