Re: Optimize your Systems!!!!

Michael Smith (
Fri, 2 May 1997 03:50:01 -0500

> Here are links for system optimization of PCs
>But the work on optimization should not stop there! Each DESCALL
>contributer needs to make sure that their system is optimized. An
>optimized system will allow each client to squeeze in a few more
>keys a day - and we need every increase we can get.
>Here are links for system optimization of PCs


^^^^^Link has been updated recently. I think this old one will still
work, tho. Here's the latest.

I would like to comment here that everyone needs to consider
(seriously!!) before making changes to their system BIOSes. Small
changes can make large differences (eg, your machine boots, your
machine does ***not*** boot). (altho
from reading these messages for the past month or so, everyone
(most?) here probably know and have their system running pretty damn
fast). Write your current settings down (can I stress this any
more??) before attempting any changes. 3000 keys/sec improvement is
not worth losing 400,000+ (or whatever it might be) key/sec because
the machine doesn't boot!!! Be smart.


And as the original poster said, overclock AT YOUR OWN RISK!! If
the chip could run at a faster speed, don't you think Intel would've
charged you extra for that ?? ;-)

My $0.02 worth.
Crack DES now!!

Michael Smith
Fort Worth, TX