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Nathan D. T. Boyd (
Fri, 02 May 1997 15:50:02 -0400

Nelson Minar wrote:
> suddenly leaped in the standings from 30 magines to 140. I was
> curious - does anyone know who organized that? I wish I could take
> credit for it but I've only put about 10 machines into the mix..
> If anyone else at is interested, maybe we should put together
> a web page for our efforts. Also, I'm not tied into Athena, but is
> there any way to possibly get their 500 or so machines to play along?
> Probably not..

I SPAMmed the MIT computer science undergraduates with an email about
the DES challenge... I have a feeling there is *a lot* more potential
here, as I didn't reach *any* graduate students (who have lots of
hardware sitting around) or anyone in other departments. But at the
same time, people often get annoyed when receiving mass mailings. I am
not sure of the best approach: anyone have any suggestions?

I think a WWW page is a good idea. I have a www server we can use, but
I really don't have the time to put the pages together. If anyone wants
to setup some pages/scripts, I can host them.

As for Athena, it would be cool if people got a MOTD when they logged in
letting them know about the challenge, and providing a simple script
that will startup the client for them (automatically from then on when
the login).

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