Our lead over SolNet...?

Ethan M. O'Connor (zudark@mit.edu)
Fri, 02 May 1997 19:18:39 -0400

(A quick aside before the main body of my
email: How is SolNet managing
2GKeys/sec with only 4000 hosts reporting
for that time period (7:00pm EDT today)?
They must be running a richer mix of machines by
a long shot, even if you consider that some
of our hosts/day are from dynamic IP's.)

All arguements about competition/cooperation
aside, I did some quick calculations to see
how long our lead over SolNet will last under
a few (bad) assumptions:

1) That we worked today (Friday) at the same rate as
on Thursday.

2) That we and SolNet will continue to work at the same
rates we are now (As I said, _bad_ (but easier) assumptions).

Under those assumptions, I calculate that our lead will
last 600800 seconds, or 6 days, 23 hours.

We are unlikely to find the key in that time period :)

So let's recruit like crazy this weekend, and get those
2GKey/sec 64bit bitslice clients out!

Or, we could all enjoy the beautiful weather and
go rollerblading or participate in our outdoor activity
of choice.

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