Re: Our lead over SolNet...?

Vijay Gadad (
Fri, 2 May 1997 18:42:56 -0500

At 6:18 PM 5/2/97, Ethan M. O'Connor wrote:

>So let's recruit like crazy this weekend, and get those
>2GKey/sec 64bit bitslice clients out!
>Or, we could all enjoy the beautiful weather and
>go rollerblading or participate in our outdoor activity
>of choice.

Unfortunately, the weather here in Chicagoland sucks. I don't think I own
anything dry anymore.

Fortunately for DESChall, this has given me time to write a letter to the
Daily Northwestern. Sometime next week, if the story is published, we
should get quite a boost from some of our thousands of networked dorm
machines. Just today, a friend and I managed to get about a half-dozen
PPros and "umpteen" Pentium 90's (don't ask).

SolNet can't rest easy yet....

Vijay Gadad