[comp.os.linux.announce] WANTED: RC5-56 crypto contest: Wanted, your spare cyles.

Nelson Minar (nelson@media.mit.edu)
02 May 1997 21:48:53 -0400

More competition.. I sure wish the RC5 folks would hold off and let
DES be broken first. It's a much more important topic.

In the meantime, a similar press release to c.o.l.a. might be a good
idea. I can help edit one.

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Subject: WANTED: RC5-56 crypto contest: Wanted, your spare cyles.
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This is to announce that there is a new attempt at the RSA Labs RC5
56-bit cryptography contest underway to replace the currently defunct
one coordinated by genx.net.

For those not aware, this contest is one of many set up by RSA Labs
for the purpose of showing the public that the current export laws
on strong encryption in the United States are a serious handicap
to secure communications. Documentation for these contests can
be found at <URL:http://www.rsa.com/rsalabs/97challenge/>.

As some of you may be aware, during the zero.genx.net attempt the
team representing linux (linux@linuxnet.org) was #1 in number of
keyblocks completed, and had a three-fold lead over the nearest
contender. Unfortunately, due to hold-ups with getting new
hardware, the zero.genx.net attempt is currently on hold.

Another attempt, known as the Bovine RC5 Cracking Effort, has
therefore been started in its place. You can find details
about the Bovine Effort at <URL:http://bovine.st.hmc.edu>.

What we are asking is that you donate any spare cycles you might
have towards running RC5 keys. All you have to do is download
the client available at the Bovine site and run it with the
following arguments:

rc5 -n <nicelevel> -a <keyserver> <teamname> &

For example, the following uses the server suck.it.ca and runs
at nicelevel 20 (only uses idle time), and all completed blocks
go on the linux@linuxnet.org team:

rc5 -n 20 -a suck.it.ca linux@linuxnet.org &

A list of keyservers is available at the Bovine site.
Mike Driscoll
(mikecd on EFNet #rc5)

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