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James Juran (
Sat, 03 May 1997 00:54:51 -0400

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At 12:19 AM 5/3/97 -0400, Scott McIntyre wrote:

>Why do we have to specify the keyserver on the command line? Can't it
>just be hardwired in? If the keyserver does change, won't Rocke just
>change the DNS mapping so that "" has a
>different IP? It seems to me that just this simple change would
>(sadly) make the client much easier to use.

I created a batch file for Win95/MSDOS so that you only have to run that
batch file to start DESCHALL. It redirects output to a log file, and puts
a date and time stamp in the file. Here it is:

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@echo off
echo.|date >> deschlog.txt
echo.|time >> deschlog.txt
deschal5 >> deschlog.txt