options for des client

Trent Piepho (xyzzy@u.washington.edu)
Fri, 2 May 1997 23:30:01 -0700 (PDT)

It there any list of command line options for the client? It seems there
is one for speed testing and the required keyserver name. Any others?

It seems email addresses aren't kept track of. How will the $4000 go to
the right person, seeing as many many people have dynamic IP addresses?

Minor gripe: How about having the client print a mk/sec benchmark instead of
making me get a calculator out.

The client prints out: Processor 1 -- blah blah
This sounds like it should be possible to get a processor 2 line. It there
some option to have the client fork and split the block in two? Or am
I supposed to run two clients? (I have a dual P133)

How about a minimal output option that doesn't print the dots? I usually
redirect the output to a log file and the dots just waste space.

Something the genx rc5 client did that I tought was nice was to stop after
it finished a keyblock if you sent it a HUP signal. That way you could stop
a bunch of clients (lab opens..) and not have them lose all the blocks they
were working on.

I added a feature to the genx client that would have it scan the utmp file and
as soon as someone logged on it would stop, and then start up again when they
logged out. This let me run it 24 hours on some lab machines which were slowed
down too much (both real and imagined slowdown) even at nice level 20. Any
way to add this feature?

I'm taking a VLSI class this quarter, and the final project it to design some
kind of chip. We actually get to have the ships fabricated. I was thinking
of a DES cracking chip. I'm not sure how fast it would be, but it should be
possible to crack 1 key per clock cycle, assuming one can fit all the S-boxes
for the 16 stages on the chip. A 10Mhz clock would be 10x faster than a PPro
200, no? A 2.0 micron 5.29 mm^2 chip is < $100 each from MOSIS.

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