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Sat, 03 May 1997 11:25:58 -0500

Thanx to info from David, I would like to ammend section 2 of the FAQ
2.4 How can I keep my dialup connection or periodicaly renew my dialup
connection to get new keys?

For Win95 machines your best bet would be to check this URL:
At this site you should find plenty of apps that can suit your needs.

For OS/2 boxed
<somebody can suggest something here>

For MacOS machines your best bet would be to check this URL:
<somebody can put a URL here>

For Unix boxen, chances are if your smart enough to set up a *nix machine,
your smart enough to write a script for what you want :-)

Many people solve this problem by setting up automated timer programs
such that their computer dials up every thirty minutes, connects for 5
minutes, then hangs up. The hope is, in this five minute time your
computer will report "Key not found" and get a new key.

>In answer to a recent question about how to keep an internet
>connection alive during some of the longer DESCHAL calcs when using
>Windows, I have found some excellent "keep alive" utilities at the
>following shareware site: try
>Hope this helps!
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