Re: Let's Recruit Deep Blue

Vijay Gadad (
Sat, 3 May 1997 12:50:58 -0500

At 12:12 PM 5/3/97, Nathan D. T. Boyd wrote:
>After Deep Blue finishes its match against Gary Kasparov next week, I
>say we recruit it to run deschal! If we had the IBM engineers optimize
>the client, I'll bet that could make an impact all by itself ;>

Thirty-two nodes of just about anything would be nice. Unfortunately, I
can't see those chess processors being of any use. :)

Has anyone given thought to contacting some commercial rendering farms?
Most are probably busy, but there have to be a few hours here and there.
And anyone who's cool enough to have set up a rendering farm would probably
be attracted to DESChall....

Vijay Gadad