Re-evaluation of what is happing at rest

Mikael Brown (
Sat, 03 May 1997 13:48:35 -0500

>I see similar results:
> idle 2^30 keys ~2700
> emacs/netscape 2^30 keys ~2200

One of the assuptions we are making is that when we are not sitting at our
machines, they are idle. We should taka a closer look at that. I get
great speeds when I am useing Telnet...but go much slower over night...why?

(1) At night, my computer recompresses hard drives, cleans directories,
checks disk integrety, scans for virii, etc.
(2) When I'm useing Telnet my computer registers activity, so it doesn't
power down, slow the CPU, or start any screen savers...It keeps everything
going full power - but the telnet program uses near zippo CPU.....leaving
it all to crunch keys.

I think that if you question why the client crunches less keys when "idle"
that you re-evaluate how idle your "idle period" is.

*smile* I found out I crunch a lot more keys if don't run any fancy 3D
DirectX screen savers ;-)
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