Re: Optimized key rates?

Corbett J. Klempay (
Sat, 03 May 1997 19:04:54 -0400

>I can't give a specific answer. However, I will point out that in
>addition to the performance gain from a simple implementation of the
>code in assembler, and a processor-specific hand-optimization, to
>leverage the features against its weaknesses, etc., the 64-bit
>processors have an additional advantage.
>I'm not doing the code, so I can't tell you for sure, but everyone
>working on it is aware of the Biham-type optimizations for 64-bit
>processors, which should provide still more performance. They should
>kick butt.

Cool! Can someone provide some quick info on the Biham bit-slicing
approach to me, or at least tell me where to go? Will Biham's method only
work for 64-bit processors (or will it work on 32-bit, but with greatly
reduced efficiency?)? Thanks.

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