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Colin L. Hildinger (
Sun, 04 May 97 01:51:00 -0500

I emailed a guy at my ISP and never heard anything back, but I posted
to the ionet.general newsgroup and got a reply back that at least one
guy had it running on his office system. Hopefully I'll be able to
convince them to run it on some of the big boxes they have sitting
around. OK, so maybe ionet's cooler than your ISP, but it _can't_
hurt. The posting went as follows:

OK, some of you may have heard about RSA's Secret Key Challenge.
it's a contest to break ten secret key encryptions. The one currently
attacked heavily is a 56-bit DES encryption and the prize for breaking
it is
$10,000. 56-bit DES is a very standard encryption, but RSA wants to
that normal people with PC's can crack it, hopefully to encourage the
standards to go to 80-bit or higher encryption. There's a coordinated
to crack DES going on the internet, started by Rocke Verser. The
who actually cracks the code will keep $4000 and the programming team
keep the other $6000 if we crack the code. I'd encourage anyone who
spends a
significant amount of time on the net, or anyone who might be willing
to dial
in while they're asleep and the lines aren't busy anyway (say midnight
to 7 am
or something) to take a few minutes and look at:

There are clients for almost any platform imaginable, and they all run
at low
priority, so they shouldn't interfere with any real work or play. I
just run
mine whenever I'm on and I never even notice it running, not even when
I have
5 copies of Netscape, my email client, my news client, and my FTP

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