Re: Our lead over SolNet...?

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Sun, 4 May 1997 14:31:08 -0600

> From: "Ethan M. O'Connor" <>
> Subject: Our lead over SolNet...?
> (A quick aside before the main body of my
> email: How is SolNet managing
> 2GKeys/sec with only 4000 hosts reporting
> for that time period (7:00pm EDT today)?
> They must be running a richer mix of machines by
> a long shot, even if you consider that some
> of our hosts/day are from dynamic IP's.)

I don't think so. The current SolNet stats show 3909 hosts reporting
in the last half-hour. I would bet that a large percentage of their
clients do not report as often as every half-hour.

Also those hosts are probably reporting on much more than 30 minutes
of work.

In the last 60 seconds, 180 DESCHALL clients reported 122 Gkeys tested.
[Wow! We're testing >2 Gkeys/second with only 180 hosts!]

The main thing SolNet's number suggests to me is that SolNet's keyservers
are taking about 2 hits per second from clients.

Similarly, my absurd figures suggest that the DESCHALL keyserver is taking
about 3 hits per second from clients. [This is a correct conclusion.]

On the other hand, their "total hosts" (19684) may be too high. I believe
they count hosts with dynamic IP addresses more than once (like us). And
I believe they count hosts behind firewalls as a single host (like us).
It tends to average out.

Also note they have some 8400 hosts that have tested at least 100
blocks. It's hard to imagine this figure can significantly overstate
the number of dynamic IP addresses.

Right now, SolNet is running just under 2Gkps. DESCHALL is running
just over 2Gkps.

The two things I am pretty sure of are that SolNet has *more* clients,
but DESCHALL has *faster* clients.

-- Rocke