Re: MacOS Client

andrew meggs (
Sun, 4 May 1997 18:13:55 -0400

At 2:35 PM -0700 5/4/97, Bean Burrito wrote:
> I would also like to know, but for a different reason. I am
>running this program in a lab setting and would like it logging to a file
>rather than to the screen so that users do not try and quit the program
>so often. Is there a guide to the things that you can put in the Mac
>DES prefs file? There are only two items in the file when I d/led it.
>How can I specify an outfile?

You can run the current client with no preference file, and it'll ask for
a command line and where to send output. Currently, those are the only two
things that can be put into the pref file.

As a future direction for the MacOS client, how many people would be
interested in a faceless background app that wrote only to a file and
didn't open any windows or appear in the applications menu? Just drop it in
your startup items folder and forget about it...

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