Re: Fast 64-bit keysearch engine

Michael R. Barber (
Sun, 4 May 1997 21:38:48 -0400 (EDT)

Preface: I just joined the deschall-announce list and
read this in the April archive, so I am not sure if
this has been addressed yet.

> Hi folks,
> Over the weekend I implemented a variant of Biham's
> bit-parallel DES method that gives substantially better
> keysearch performance on 64-bit machines than any available
> DES-cracker I'm aware of. Here are some preliminary timings:
> I'm willing to work on integrating this engine with the
> DESCHALL client code; please let me know whether you're
> interested.
> I'm told that the Sparc Ultras can run 64-bit code too,
> under Solaris 2.6, but I don't have access to such a
> machine. If anyone else does, please let me know and
> we can try it out.
> - Darrell

You'll not find many people running Solaris 2.6 since
it is still in beta.

My desktop work machine is an Ultra 2170 (dual 167 MHz
Ultrasparc) running Solaris 2.6 beta refresh. Although
I cannot provide access to this machine, however, I can give
something a try if it will help out.

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