Re: MacOS Client/ win32 dll

Phillip Dawson (
Sun, 04 May 1997 22:03:08 -0400

andrew meggs wrote:
> As a future direction for the MacOS client, how many people would be
> interested in a faceless background app that wrote only to a file and
> didn't open any windows or appear in the applications menu? Just drop it in
> your startup items folder and forget about it...
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> Andrew Meggs, content provider Antennahead Industries, Inc.
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I'd like to see this as well, perhaps as a control panel/extension.
Right now I could set up about 31 to 60 machines if something like this
was available.

On another note, any chance of getting the win32 clients in the form of
a dll? What I'm looking for is a module I could call from a screen
saver shell I already have, with it I could add another 30 machines(but
faster than the macs).

Phillip Dawson