Re: Slow machines running the client...

Brian See (
Mon, 5 May 1997 01:40:35 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 5 May 1997, Mike Alexander wrote:

> Sure, Macs (that's as good a plural as any) have had networking since
> almost the very beginning, and anything since at least the MacPlus can run
> MacTCP. Getting ethernet on a MacPlus might be a trick (you perhaps could
> use a SCSI ethernet adapter), but you can do IP over localtalk with the
> appropriate gateway which I imagine is the way the Mac Classic that started
> this thread is hooked into the Internet.

The Mac Classic II in question is indeed connected to the Internet
via Localtalk. Fortunately, deschall isn't a bandwidth-intensive

Heh. Because of the way the localtalk -> IP gateway is setup, all of
the localtalked mcas in each localtalk zone resolves to the same IP address.
So if one were to get enough (tm) of them running, they might make a big hit
in the site rankings. (Enough being on the order of magnitude of four
hundred or so to equal the output of one Pentium 166, that is...)


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