Re: Solnet not getting faster.

Karl J. Runge (
Mon, 5 May 1997 01:34:57 -0700

On Mon, 05 May 97, "Colin L. Hildinger" <> wrote:
> FYI - Solnet is not faster today than they were yesterday or Friday.
> Actually, they've fallen off in the last 24 hours. Interesting. I bet
> we're considerably faster. Here's a theory about this:
> It's already Monday morning there, and in many of the countries
> participating with Solnet. They have their weekend peak before us and
> their Monday falloff before us. So they look like they're really
> gaining for a while and then we stretch our lead back out.
> Based on their current keyrate and our average keyrate yesterday, we're
> ~7% faster than they are. Of course, they've already peaked for the
> weekend and should fall off the next day or two.

And before we have our post weekend falloff here is a plot
of our rate fit to exponential and linear growth rates:

The Jun 10 50% done date might be unrealistic. But the super-surge we've
had in the last few days is quite amazing!


PS: I've started playing with massaging the keyserver logs this weekend,
hope to get something soon. Things are difficult since the fault tolerance of
the protocol gives alot of noisy resends... stay tuned.