Re: Slow machines running the client...

Ronald Van Iwaarden (
Mon, 05 May 97 07:55:51

On Sun, 4 May 1997 23:35:42 -0400 (EDT), Brian See wrote:

> I know people have been bragging about how fast their dual PPros are
>crunching through the DES keyspace....I wonder what the _slowest_ machine
>people are throwing at the challenge is, though?
> Just for kicks, I ran the Mac client on a good old Mac Classic II;
>it's been up for over 24 hours, now, and is reporting going through 2^22
>pairs of keys in around 4200 seconds.

Well, it is by no means as slow as your Mac Classic II but I have a copy
running on the Sparc 1 (not even a 1+) at school. It is doing 2^25 keys in
about 1935 seconds. So this is about 16x the speed of your Mac Classic...
Oh well. As you say, every bit helps!

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