RE: Rolling out the new clients

Shaun Stuart (
Mon, 5 May 1997 08:44:06 -0400

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>validation, but in any case expect it within the week. It also has much
>smarter timesharing and a quit command that not only works all the time
>but that lets you optionally defer quitting until after the current =
>is done.=20

Can someone add this quit feature to the Intel clients? I'm running this =
overnight at home and stop it while I'm at work (don't want my ISP =
yelling at me for being on-line all the time - although I do leave it =
running all weekend *grin*). I manage to wait until it's done with the =
current block and then stop it when it starts the next block, but it's =
silly to then have that block be out of service for 2 hours before =
another machine can work on it.