Re: DESCHALL runs wild when run under nohup?
Mon, 5 May 1997 14:56:50 -0400

I doubt it was a problem with the Sparc client. More likely, the
sysadmin was viewing the amount of process time being used up by the
program. He probably freaked out - since it is hard to notice at
first glance that the client is designed to back off when other
processes demand the CPU.

You could try nicing the process way down but I think the best thing
would be to explain it in detail to your sysadmin and see if he would
be willing to run it.

- Mark

On 5 May 97 at 14:10, Lee Sheridan wrote:

> This morning I received this note from the system administrator:
> > FYI:
> >
> > When I came in this morning I found the UNIX host running very slowly.
> > The culprit was your proccess "deschall-sparc",
> > which had been running since 11:40 PM Sunday. When I discovered it, it
> > had used a tremendous amount of processor time and was still growing
> > rapidly. I killed it off at about 8:35 AM.
> Of course, DESCHALL is *supposed* to use a `tremendous amount of
> processor time'. What I was concerned about was the fact that he
> mentioned that the amount of processor time was `growing rapidly',
> especially since the machine gets busy around that time of the
> morning and the client should be using LESS CPU time...