RE: What is out Computering power?

Nelson Minar (
Mon, 5 May 1997 17:25:08 -0400

>The teraflop computer uses 4800 nodes, each of which has two
>Pentium Pro 200 procs. I think we've already done the math to
>find out how many keys it could do.

My PPro 200 is doing 2^30 complementary pairs in 2240 seconds. That
works out to 950 kkeys/second. deschall as a whole just passed
2,000,000 kkeys/second. So that means we have the computing power of
roughly 2100 PPro 200s right now. A bit more than 1/5 of the
megamachine Intel is building.

solnet is currently reporting 1,871,592 kkeys/second. That's roughly
2000 PPro 200s. So 100 PPro 200s are all that divides us from SolNet.
(modulo differences in statistics collection - their rates are over 30
minutes, ours are over 24 hours).

(Mind you, we're doing a really bizarre computation. And one that
PPros aren't particularly good at. I sure wish someone in the public
sphere would just design a DES cracking chip in VLSI and get it over