Re: DESCHALL runs wild when run under nohup?

Daniel P. Martin (
Mon, 5 May 1997 16:32:04 -0500 (CDT)

FWIW, I'd wonder about the _actual_ cause of any performance slow-down on
the 1000. I'm running the UltraSPARC client on an 8-way Enterprise 5000
with as many as 350-ish other customers logged in, under effect of 'renice
19', and the only thing the customers have noticed is the the load numbers
reported by uptime are running a little higher than usual.

It's customer friendly. Convince your ISP what a cool thing this is, so
he'll want to run it on all his machines too. :-)


On Mon, 5 May 1997, Dave Ahn wrote:
> > BOFH> processor time and was still growing rapidly. I killed it off at
> > BOFH> about 8:35 AM.
> >
> > I tend to doubt this. What hasn't been stated is what the priority of
> > the process was. Likely, he was looking at the process table, and saw
> > something like
> >
> > cmcurtin 7987 11154 68 Apr 18 pts/4 23760:16 ./deschall-sparc keymaster
> This is a common misconception. Priority of a process has no direct
> relevance on the CPU time (above, 23760 minutes and 16 seconds of CPU time)