Re: Win95 non-command-shell version?
Mon, 5 May 1997 17:54:37 -0400

If the existing code was written for a Win32 console app - I'll write
it into a windowed version. I don't even need the source as long as
someone can give me a function library I can call to get the thing

I don't think it would have a big impact on the overhead although the
program will have a slightly bigger memory footprint (still
insignificant compared to all the Visual Basic apps we're seeing
these days) ;) It's really simple to write this in C since the user
interface is not critical.

- Mark

On 5 May 97 at 17:10, Scott McIntyre wrote:

> Any chance of there ever existing a version that looks a little like
> a windows program? I know with borland c you can (in theory) use
> some kind of wizard to throw a wrapper on straight unix c code. I
> don't know whether this would cause a large speed slowdown, but it
> would make the client much friendlier to use.
> The particular situation that I run into is that you have to CTRL-C
> to exit and a lot of people (non-deschall affiliated) don't realize
> that. So they try to exit this running program and Windows tells
> them they can't. They go ask the lab assistant and I get flak for
> it. If they could just kill it easily that would be great.
> It seems like an easy thing to do, but it may not be worth the
> performance hit. (Plus you need a windoze programmer to do it)
> Scott McIntyre
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